Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your store? What are your hours? Cattail Run LLC is an online only retailer. We do not have a show room. Local purchasers are welcome pick up their orders in Nevada, IA. See Shipping Information for more details.

Why do some of your products say “Add To Cart For Low Price” (MAP)? Some manufacturers enforce minimum advertised price (MAP). This means we can’t display our super low prices. If a product indicates “Add To Cart For Low Price”, that means we are selling the item for less than MAP. Adding the item to your cart allows you to see our super low price. You can remove the item if you do not wish to purchase it.

I signed up for your e-mail specials. Why haven’t I received a communication? While some retailers smash your inbox with ads, we believe in your privacy. We limit our e-mail campaigns only to major sales events, which are typical around major U.S. Holidays.

What is the best way to contact you? The best way to reach us, and most likely to get the quickest answer, is by using the Contact Us page.

Why was the item I added to my cart unavailable when I tried to check out? Adding items to your cart does not reserve them. Someone else purchased the last item before you checked out.

Why does the item I want show purchase limits due to current demand? During times of greater demand, items tend to sell out fast due to large individual orders. To provide an equal opportunity for our many customers to purchase the product, we may place purchase limits on it. Once demand returns to normal, we will remove these limits.

When will you get more of an out of stock item? The speed at which we replenish our inventory depends an a lot of factors. We recommend you add your e-mail to the “Notify Me” list to be automatically e-mailed when the item is back in stock.

Why do black anodized items look gray in the photo? The photos may sometimes be slightly over-exposed. This helps to better show the detail of the item. It can cause the item to look lighter than it actually is.

Why do some of the reviews say verified buyer? The system compares the e-mail address submitted with the review with that of past orders. If the reviewer’s e-mail matches an order of that item, it displays verified buyer. Our review system is open to anyone who wishes to express an opinion on the product.

Can you add or remove my FFL business from your list? Yes. Please use our contact form to send the request.

Can you get items not shown on your site? Yes. We are happy to supply you with a competitive quote. Please use our contact form to send a request.